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Why go cashless


What type of venues can benefit from tappit? Anywhere with multiple outlets within a single venue. Here’s just a few examples:

Music concert


Whether it’s heavy metallers, classical sophisticates, opera lovers or pop pickers our technology rocks to the beat of any music and any venue. Outdoor stadia, indoor halls, one-off builds… we can cater for them all.

Music venue

Music venues

Doing one-off concerts is great, but if you have a venue with numerous gigs throughout the year then it’s even easier. You can benefit from economies of scale and reward regulars with special offers.


Beach clubs / Night clubs

A good club is about good imagination. Imagine a beach club where you pay your entry fee and the wristband you’re given stores your cash as well? Imagine a nightclub charging premium entry with included F&B credits.



Whether your festival celebrates music, sport, the arts or food it will almost certainly involve lots of people having a great time and spending money at various stalls and F&B outlets.

Sports venue

Sports events

One-off sports events are perfectly set-up for our technology. Whether it’s golf, 7s rugby, football or croquet; if you’ve got people coming in the door to watch, eat and drink then cashless works.

hotels and resorts

Hotels / Resorts

Contemplate a world where each of your hotel guests can use their hotel key card as a payment mechanism, doing away with all those slips of paper and storing every transaction on a central system.



Whether you want to reward members with cashless bars linked to their membership cards or turn your whole stadium into a cashless paradise, running a venue is so much easier when you take cash out the equation.

tappit prepaid card


Lots of season tickets come in the form of plastic cards that are scanned on entry rather than books of tickets. It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to expand that to a card that can also be used in the stadium for F&B.

Theme parks

Theme parks

Whether you’re a park that charges entry and per ride or it’s an inclusive cost with upselling from souvenir stalls and F&B outlets, a wristband for the day that tracks everything makes everyone’s day better.