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Why go cashless

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At cashless venues, visitors use digital money instead of real cash. This ‘money’ is stored on a wristband, card or any object embedded with a chip.

To ‘spend’ money, visitors simply tap the object against a scanner that records the payment amount. To load funds another tap does the trick. The transaction is competed in real time and the system is automatically updated so the visitor knows their balance and organisers have instant reconciliation.

It’s quick, it’s easy and more practical than physical money for everyone involved.

Why go cashless?

We believe the question is more a case of why wouldn’t you go cashless. It’s a system everyone benefits from:


Higher revenues, lower costs, new income streams, more transparency, reduced fraud and theft


Increased efficiency, lower headcount, improved reporting

Sponsors / Partners

New ways to engage with target markets


Less time queuing, more time having fun