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Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards can be used by venues as a payout mechanism at the end of events but our prepaid cards are truly multifunctional and can be used by many different industries as a standalone product.

For tourists, a one-off payment can provide them with a local currency card, eliminating the need for costly overseas transaction fees. For parents, they provide an easy way to give children money and control their spending. For employers, they can be used for salaries and / or expenses. For venues, they can encourage spend at different outlets.

tappit’s proprietary platform can be configured to meet the needs of any client and our expertise ensures that you’ll get the best card programme to match your needs. Our end-to-end solution and proprietary technology means your company can launch its own card scheme with the minimum of fuss.

The tappit Pay Out card is specially created for organisations making payments to clients, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Mastercard Prepaid Card is a reloadable card that companies use to make payments regardless of whether the payees have existing banking relationships. The Pay Out card can be used for cash withdrawal at ATMs, for purchase transactions at merchant establishments and for e-commerce transactions.

tappit prepaid card