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Data collection

Using a cashless POS system has a huge benefit in terms of the amount of data it provides and how this can be used.

On one level this is as simple as providing practical data that aids the day-to-day running of your venues. Reconciliation is simple, which is great for any venue but particularly for multi-outlet venues, especially those with multiple franchises that report into a central system. Stock control is also simple as you can track what is being bought in real-time.

Beyond this the data can be used to make your venue more effective. Track what is bought when, which outlets sell which stock, when are the outlets busy and when quiet, which outlets are the most effective. With so much data you can analyse to be more effective.

And that’s only one half of the customer behaviour analytics available to you. Where tappit devices are linked to registration you can link the purchase patterns to individuals to create a powerful database of visitor behaviour that can be utlised for targeted marketing campaigns.

Collecting data