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Cashless Payments

Loading funds

Funds can be loaded onto a tappit device in a variety of ways. On site this is usually done manually by cashiers accepting a cash or card payment and using an RFID device to load the requisite funds with a quick tap.

We also offer a variety of options for online loading. This may take the form of a website, an integration into an existing site or even a standalone app so users can load funds prior to or during their visit. Cards can be registered for reload or auto-renewal.


Spending funds

The tappit POS provides all you need for a simple but fully featured retail experience:


  • Check balance before starting order
  • Ring up order and take payment from bracelet or membership card
  • View previous transaction(s) on device
  • Void full or partial orders
  • Print invoice and / or kitchen order (Bluetooth printer required)
  • Robust error handling and real-time device sync status
  • The tappit platform provides day-to-day management requirements such as menu and price management
  • Reporting (e.g. by bracelet / vendor / device / operator / menu item)
  • Bracelet management
  • Site / Vendor / visitor management and visitor self-registration portal.