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Adding funds to a tappit wristband or RFID card is a snap. Online or onsite, from a smartphone or in-person - your customers can top up however they like. No matter how they top up, your customers will never worry about running out of cash or finding an ATM.


If a customer prefers to top up online - either prior to the event or at the event using a smartphone - the customer will complete a quick transaction form using a link sent to the email address used to register their wristband. Once completed, they will receive a QR code, which can be scanned by a seller at the event to add the funds to their wristband.


If a customer prefers to top up onsite, they can do so at a top-up station using cash or a credit card. After they’ve added funds to their wristband, they can begin enjoying the cashless experience with sellers around the event.

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