The Top 3 Takeaways from Event Production Show 2019

The Top 3 Takeaways from Event Production Show 2019

tappit joined some of the top event suppliers and organisers from the UK at this year’s Event Production Show in London. Beyond sharing the cashless experience with attendees and networking with our peers, we noticed three major themes that seemed to tie together all of the exhibitor stands, panels and presentations.

1. Everybody’s looking for cutting-edge tech to make their event stand out.

From holograms and giant LED screens to “augmented reality” headphones and a robotic dart-throwing arm (seriously), event organisers have tons of options when it comes to innovative tech to make their event pop. But that doesn’t make the decision any easier, and it definitely doesn’t lessen the pressure to find that perfect thing that will make your attendees’ jaws drop.

One of the messages from EPS that resonated with us came from David Hearn, Creative Technology Director at Arcstream: know your end-goal from the beginning - don’t just implement tech for tech’s sake. Before you dump a bunch of resources into new tech, evaluate the reason for investing in it and analyse the impact it could have.

2. Sustainability is way more than a passing trend.

Especially for events catering to Millennials (sometimes called the “green generation”), sustainability isn’t just desired by your customers, it’s expected. Many event suppliers are catering to this expectation - reusable cups and recycled cardboard festival chairs were just a couple of examples we saw at EPS. An eco-friendly approach is clearly something that will continue to be valued by event attendees year after year, so event organisers should take note.

3. Data is everything.

One of the messages we heard over and over again at EPS was that events still aren’t fully tapping into the potential of data. Many event organisers have no idea who their audience is, why they choose to attend, and what their behaviour onsite suggests about their event. Even groups who currently collect customer data admit that they don’t use it to make a difference to their brand sentiment or their bottom line. With customers increasingly expecting more for the live event experience, it’s crucial for event organisers to understand what their customers want and how to cater to it.

Fortunately for event organisers, tappit provides an easy way to incorporate all three of these key themes into your next event.

  1. The tappit system’s innovative technology will make your attendees’ lives easier and will reduce queues, speed up transactions (by 80% on average) and increase profits.
  2. The cashless system is sustainable - there’s no need to print endless receipts for your customers or for your reconciliation process because transactions can be easily found through the online portal. Even if your event already runs on a cashless token system, tappit eliminates the need to produce loads of plastic tokens that will likely end up in a landfill.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, going cashless will give you actionable data and insights, allowing you to objectively review the successes and challenges of your event and create a more personalised experience through behaviour-driven communications.

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