Understanding your customers is the key to creating better experiences for them.

Implementing tappit technology at your event or venue will give you a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviour. Simplify your data collection by using one system for entry and payments.

With tappit, event organisers have access to near-real-time reporting, including entry and exit, transactions and engagements.

Just a few ways tappit’s insights can help you improve customer experience:

  • See which bar is the most popular at your festival so you can staff it appropriately to decrease queue times.
  • Learn which customers are your most valuable and send them special offers.
  • Find out which product is a best seller and learn how often it should be restocked at a particular location.
  • Find out how much time customers spent at your event.
  • Create marketing initiatives based on a customer’s past purchasing behaviour.

Various types of reports can be provided including: transaction reports, sales reportsaccess reports, etc.

Reports flow Reports flow

* Near real-time reporting dashboards can be provided if the event is online or after the event if the event if offline.

Reports flow Reports flow
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