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What is tappit?
tappit enhances event experiences for everybody; customers, organisers, owners and staff. We exist to make events better and we do it because we love events and we love using our technology to make them better. Our technology platform has cashless payments at its core but offers a variety of added value features, including access control, detailed reporting, registration, payment service integration and more.
Where are you based?
We’re a global company with offices in eight countries; Indonesia (Bali), South Africa, (Cape Town), India (Chennai), UAE (Dubai), UK (London, Manchester and Leeds), United States (Los Angeles), Australia (Melbourne) and Thailand (Phuket).
Where can I tappit?
Since the tappit product is location neutral, the answer is anywhere. Our product has been implemented in various territories and types of venue, from the permanent installation at a football stadium in the UK, various sporting and entertainment events in Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, music festivals in Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam and tournaments in South Africa.
What’s the biggest event you’ve ever done?
We’ve been doing the Dubai Rugby 7s now since 2014. It’s an annual rugby tournament that attracts 100,000 visitors over three days. We’ve done such a good job they’ve extended our contract to 2018.
What else do you do?
While cashless payments are at the heart of what we do, our platform offers so much you’ll be amazed at what other benefits we can bring you. Not content with easy reconciliation, reduction in cash transportation and reduced theft and fraud, there are many other features.


How do customers top up funds?
Funds can be topped up onto a tappit device in a variety of ways. On site this is usually done manually by cashiers accepting a cash or card payment and using a device to load the requisite funds with a quick tap. Alternatively top up can be done online.. This may take form of a website, an integration into an existing site or even a standalone app so users can load funds prior to or during their visit. Cards can be registered for reload or auto-renewal.
How do customers spend the money?
To ‘spend’ money, customers can simply tap the object (wristband, card, etc) against a scanner that records the payment amount. The transaction is completed in real time and the system is automatically updated so the customer knows their balance.
What happens if customers don’t spend all of the money?
Depending on the event policies and procedures set by the organiser, customers may be able to cash out at the event or online.
What if customers forget to cashout?
Cash out policies are specific to each event, so once the cash out period is closed, all leftover funds are managed by the event organiser. Customers are able to write us to for cash out related questions.

Techie questions

What is cashless?
At cashless venues and events, customers use digital money instead of real cash. Funds are stored on a wristband, card, or any object embedded with a chip. The solution can be used for one-off events or permanent installations.
Why go cashless?
It’s quick, it’s easy and more practical than physical money. Customers directly benefit from quicker transactions and less queueing while venues and organisers enjoy the benefits of instant reconciliations and no cash handling.
Are you cloud-based?
Yes, in our standard configuration. We host our platform at Amazon Web Services to benefit from their quality, security, scale and uptime guarantees. Where required we can deploy our platform on local servers to provide a more immediate but less robust solution.
Do you own your system or franchise it from another company?
We own it. This means that we can react far more effectively to our clients’ requests for improvements / changes in the system. Franchise companies tend to be much less willing to make specific changes at the client’s request as they are at the mercy of the company who actually owns the software. With tappit, you’re dealing with the owners.
Does your system need to be online? What happens if there is no internet connection?
Our cashless payments system can operate without a network connection with each point of sale or load device storing transaction details and updating the tag in a card or wristband with transaction values. When the devices connect to the network they synchronise the stored data. This makes our system extremely reliable at busy events and venues. In good network environments, this sync can be done in real time. In tricky network situations we can use mobile data collectors to help with device sync.
How do you secure your system?
Device encryption and near-real-time sync provides operators with peace of mind. Further proactive security measures, including but not limited to abnormal transaction alerts and a central tracking dashboard, further prevent the ability for fraudulent use. Our payment platform is designed with bank grade security from the server right through to our end user devices.
Can customers use their wristbands or cards in other venues operated by tappit?
We operate what is called a ‘Closed Loop’ so customers can only use their cards in the place they received that card. If you own multiple venues we can create a multi-venue ‘Closed Loop’ so the card works in all your outlets.
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