tappit’s cashless calculator

Measure the benefits of going cashless with tappit.

Our calculator shows the potential savings, increased revenue and additional profit that can generally be achieved.

Simply enter your numbers, and we’ll give you an idea of the difference tappit could make to your bottom line.

The benefits & savings we deliver:

Your event runs over 2 days with an average spend from each of the 2 people of $20, giving you $400,000 revenue.

Going cashless with tappit would potentially deliver you an extra $88,000 in revenue! 1

In addition, we estimate that your organisation could save an extra $57,000, by turning your event 100% cashless with tappit. This comes through virtually eliminating fraud and theft, removing cash lifts, saving time on lengthy reconciliations whilst adding an additional revenue stream through breakage.

The most valuable benefit from going cashless is gaining new, unique data and insights about your event attendees. This will enable you to get closer to your fans, allow you to send them offers based on previous behaviours in real time (taking direct marketing to the next level), maximise fan experience and increase spend from the moment they buy a ticket.

We’d be delighted to explain in more detail. Simply get in touch with our team to understand more about the benefits of going cashless with tappit and how we deliver a fantastic experience for our partners and their fans.

1 This calculated value is based on the average increase in spend across our existing clients, and is purely indicative.


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  • Increase speed of transactions
  • Reduce queues
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase data and insights
  • Improve fan experience
  • Market more effectively
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