access control

There’s not much worse than arriving at an event filled with adrenaline and excitement only to be stuck waiting in a long queue to get in.

With tappit entry, event organisers can speed up the process and reduce ticketing fraud - it’s a win-win.

In addition to cashless payment, your customers can use their tappit wristband to enter your event quickly and securely. Details will be captured at entry and exit tap points, creating near-real-time reporting dashboards so organisers can monitor the flow of traffic.

Eliminate Fraud

tappit wristbands can’t be counterfeited or forged like traditional tickets, so your event will be protected from fraudsters. By using tappit entry to eliminate fraud, your event will be less congested and better controlled.

access control flow access control flow
  • Multiple points of entry can be supported
  • Single or multiple access can be supported
  • Access restrictions (e.g. VIP areas) can be supported
  • Tags can be scanned at access points also to capture exit data (e.g. time, location)

tappit entry can also be used at hotels, resorts, amusement parks and more - the opportunities are endless. Wherever your customers would use a key or ticket, you can use tappit entry.

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